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School Of Forestry

Bachelor of Science in Forestry is a four-year undergraduate program that is divided into eight equal semesters. It provides students with the knowledge and training about Forestry. Forestry program trains students in the managing of forests, new plantation, maintaining old plantations and other natural resources.
Aims and Objectives:-
  1. Our Vision is to provide world class, nationally recognized knowledge and leadership for forestry issues.
  2. The main aim of forestry studies is the creation and implementation of systems and framework for the sustainable continuation of forest resources and supplies.
  3. To make sure that the non-renewable sources do not get extinct.
  4. During the program, students are offered theoretical and practical knowledge regarding forestry and other related fields.
Forestry professionals have various duties to perform such as managing forest resources, conserving forest and forest supplies, generating awareness and implementing new technology in the forestry department.
Candidates who are keen to take up a career in forestry must have a spirit of adventure, enthusiasm for outdoor activities, physical fitness and should be adaptable to the new surroundings. They should also have a keen interest in global concerns and how to preserve the environment.


Bachelor Of Science Forestry

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